Veteran actress Kozak's terrific novel debut introduces greeting-card artist Wollie Shelley, who just wants a shop to call her own. From seedy Sunset Boulevard to the manicured lawns of the wealthy, intrepid Wollie tries to find her footing, while avoiding mob hit men and depraved dating prospects.

To earn the down payment for her shop, Wollie has agreed to be a research subject for a radio love guru. That means she must date dozens of guys, but she ends up falling for the one man who meets none of her criteria. Mr. Wrong-But-Feels-So-Right comes with complications, and like all of Kozak's characters, he sparkles with humor and humanity.

Readers will not want this warm and witty story, with its perfect mix of zen and zaniness, to end. Luckily, Wollie's adventures will continue in Kozak's next book. (Jan., 320 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Harrison