Image of Dating Outside Your DNA


Image of Dating Outside Your DNA

While Kelley's light touch and humor are well on display in this latest in the Planet Nerak series, the main characters feel a bit flat at first, and the sexual tension between them doesn't so much build as it's simply stated, over and over. Once the main action kicks
in, however, readers are in for
an exciting and enjoyable ride.

Lyraka, a half-human/half-Nerakian, is recruited as a special ops agent because of her unique abilities -- among them, super speed. Roan Hendrix is the agent assigned to train Lyraka, a task he grudgingly agrees to.

Despite his better judgment, Roan can't resist Lyraka's beauty and stubborn streak -- and despite his surliness, she can't resist him either. Before Lyraka's training is complete, the sinister Prince of Nerak's rival planet comes looking for Lyraka to settle an old score. (BRAVA, Dec., 288 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener