Seamstress Hannah O'Dowd is looking for Mr. Right. She is bright, attractive, and most importantly, has a plan. With her 30th birthday four months away, a person such as herself should find a fiancé easily.

Hannah is willing to try several methods. She calls it a "multipronged dating attack plan." This includes (but is not limited to) tarot cards, wrestling psychics, a sexually confused wildlife biologist, an adult superstore, and a Sportsman's Expo.

Having a plan couldn't lead to too many mishaps, could it?

Ms. Cach's writing is open, bawdy, and laugh-out-loud funny. It's also an eye-opening confessional as to the way women talk when there's an absence of men and children. (Mar., 282 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Deborah Brent