At fifteen, Maggie Slade was arrested for the murder of her mother. Although she was just a kid, no one believed in her innocence. After seven years in jail, she escaped and spent years on the run, changing identities along the way. Now she has come face to face with Detective Sean McLeod. Will the man who worked on her case recognize the 29-year-old woman?

Sean is staying with family in Florida, recuperating after being shot and losing his partner. Embittered by this and his recent divorce, he doesn't recognize Maggie at first; but once he does, he knows he has to bring her in.

Once together, however, Sean realizes that Maggie's case might not have been so cut and dry. He soon finds himself helping her investigate a respected archbishop, the man she is certain is the true killer.

With great use of flashback, and precisely dropped clues, Ms. Cresswell delivers an intriguing read. (Apr., 408 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson