The fourth and final Bridge of D'Arnath book ends the series on a strong note. Gerick, formerly the fourth Lord of Zhev'Na, has been called back to his father's kingdom of Avonar to investigate the mysterious D'Sanya, who emerges from the desert claiming that she is the daughter of D'Arnath, ruler of Avonar a thousand years ago, and that she was held captive by the Lords of Zhev'Na until she escaped.

D'Sanya's story seems too good to be true, and as Gerick probes deeper into her abilities and history, it becomes clear that she is not all that she claims to be. Gerick is forced to face his memories of his time in Zhev'Na and come to terms with the guilt and responsibility he bears for the terrible actions wrought by the Lords.

Berg's world-building is stellar in this wonderfully written fantasy. Fans of the series should be well satisfied with this stirring finale. (Sep., 544 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum