Image of Daughter of Egypt


Image of Daughter of Egypt

The action in O'Banyon's third Egyptian historical adventure moves from the streets of Rome to the hot sands of Egypt to a tropical island. The heroine
is a smart, strong woman, a perfect match for the warrior hero. Their sexual tension permeates the novel, and the
culmination of their love is hot but sweet. The historical settings are realistic, and a subplot featuring Antony and Cleopatra will make you want to know more about the time period.

As a young girl Thalia is rescued from the streets of Rome by a wealthy Egyptian woman. Raised as a daughter of the family, she can barely remember her childhood in Rome. When she's kidnapped by a one-eyed man she vaguely recalls from her past, Thalia is terrified, then confused when she is kidnapped again by a handsome warrior named Count Ashtyn.

It turns out that she's a princess, soon to be queen, of an island kingdom named Bal Forea. Ashtyn has been selected as her husband, and together they must bring peace to the land. (Leisure, Jul., 308 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Roberts