Charles and Melanie Fraiser appear to have everything: a rising political star, a strong marriage and a young son, Colin. All that changes the night Colin is abducted. As ransom, his kidnapper wants the fabled Carevelo family ring, which he believes is in Charles' possession.

Not trusting the investigation to the authorities, Charles and Melanie look for the ring that Charles had six years ago when he was fighting the French in Spain. That is where he met Melanie, who was escaping from French soldiers who murdered her Anti-Bonaparte family and raped her.

Melanie carries a dark secret and Colin's kidnapping compels her to reveal the truth to Charles about her past relationship with spymaster Raul O'Rourke. But Charles has his own demons to bear and must put aside his feelings of betrayal to save Colin and stop those who want to see them dead.

With its abundance of twists and psychological turns, DAUGHTER OF THE GAME is a tightly woven suspense melodrama that quickly captures your attention. Tracy Grant has got what it takes to draw both romance and suspense readers into a story with appealing characters and just the right balance of relationship and mystery. SENSUAL (Apr., 448 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin