Image of Daughter of the God-King


Image of Daughter of the God-King

Fans of Elizabeth Peters and Tracy Grant will find Cleeland’s espionage thriller their cup of tea. Sweeping from Paris to Cairo and the Valley of the Kings, the mystery lures readers into its pages with swift pacing, one chilling escapade after another, and the thrill of the chase as the fearless heroine and bold hero uncover the dark secrets buried in an ancient princess’ tomb. Add a wonderfully colorful historical backdrop and passion, and you have an evening’s read.

Hathor “Hattie” Blackhouse reluctantly stays in Cornwall while her parents go on one fascinating archeological dig after another. When her parents disappear, Hattie takes matters into her own hands, following their trail. With Napoleon imprisoned in Elba, she is able to locate her childhood friend in Paris and, from there, move on to Cairo. But it is a complicated journey, as Hattie is caught up in the intrigues left behind from the war. She and her chaperone are quite capable of handling many situations, but with danger all around, Hattie turns to the elusive Mr. Berry for help. He may not be all he seems, but he is the only person Hattie can trust on her quest for her parents. Hattie’s resemblance to the pharaoh Seti’s daughter opens doors to hope and peril as she and Berry explore the tombs — uncovering the deadly truth about her parents, the balance of political power and the chances she is willing to take for love. (SOURCEBOOKS, Nov., 368 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin