Image of Daughter of Jerusalem


Image of Daughter of Jerusalem

A distraught Mary, trying to make the best of a life dominated by heartbreak, comes alive at the author’s hand. Her misery is intense, as is her unquestionable faith in Jesus, who is emotionally captivating in a manner that reaches out to the reader as much as to the apostles and their families within the pages. Precise characterization makes this an incredibly engaging rendition of this powerful story.

Mary of Magdala is at the mercy of the strict rules of her faith and her family at a time when women have no control over their lives. When she is forced to give up her childhood sweetheart and marry a man she cannot possibly love, she wonders why God has abandoned her. Her friendship with the loving Jesus reveals a value and purpose to her life that only he can offer. (WORTHY, Apr., 320 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kerry Sutherland