Image of Daughter of Light


Image of Daughter of Light

Daughter Of Light, book two in Andrews’ The Kindred series, starts off where book one left off, with page-turning suspense as Lorelei flees her vampire father. But then the storyline shifts to only subtly refer to Lorelei’s vampire heritage, instead exploring her inner turmoil over whether to allow herself to fall in love. Unlike Daughter of Darkness, this book does not give readers very much information about her father’s past. But the lack of character development is remedied when the pace picks up as the vampire action finally kicks in during the last quarter of the book.

Lorelei Patio is on the run from her father, a ruthless vampire whom she is expected to give her allegiance. She ends up across the country in Massachusetts, where she starts a new life. As Lorelei makes friends and acquaintances at a quaint boarding house, she lives in fear that her family will find her and her dark past will come to light. Her romantic involvement with her boss’s son, Liam, only tweaks her fears. Will Lorelei’s past come back to haunt her and ruin her chance for a normal life? (GALLERY, Nov., 384 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Mandy Boles