Image of Daughter of York: A Novel


Image of Daughter of York: A Novel

Smith continues her War of the Roses series with an in-depth look at Margaret of York. She successfully brings a large cast of historical personages and the political intrigue that surrounds them to readers, even though their story is slowed by the prodigious amount of detail she adds. Readers will either adore the extra detail or find it superfluous.

At 15, Margaret of York is mourning the death of her father and brother by their Lancastrian enemy when her brother Edward proclaims himself heir to the throne.

Edward brings former Lancaster supporter Anthony Woodville into their camp, and Margaret is immediately attracted to him. But since he's married, she keeps her feelings hidden. Their love grows, but Margaret does her duty by marrying Charles, the Duke of Burgundy. For 20 years Margaret sacrifices her own happiness by becoming a political strategist to support her families and their fight for the throne. (Touchstone, Feb., 575 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin