Image of A Daughter's Story


Image of A Daughter's Story
A DAUGHTER’S STORY (4) by Tara Taylor Quinn: When Emma Sanderson throws her fiancé, Rob, out after catching him cheating in their own bed, she’s determined to make some changes in her life. And when she meets fisherman Chris Talbot while he’s playing piano in a bar one evening, she decides he’s the perfect place to start. But after a one-night stand leaves him determined to find Emma again, to make sure there aren’t any repercussions from their night of fun, his attraction keeps him around long enough to offer emotional support when a new lead in the decades-old abduction case of her baby sister leaves her upset. Quinn does a great job of depicting her characters’ emotions, and the complicated relationship between Chris and Emma is portrayed quite realistically, as is Chris’ reluctance to be in a relationship because he fears the fallout of the long hours he spends at sea.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay