Image of Dawn


Image of Dawn

This sequel to Dark does not work
as a stand-alone book. There's no explanation of the basics of Lebbon's world, Noreela, and no backstory -- just an assumption that readers
already knows the background. Although the premise is interesting
and topical, the author's overuse
of the passive voice makes this book
a difficult read.

After 300 years, the mages have begun to exact terrible revenge upon Noreela. Their apprentice, Lenora, still haunted by the shade of her dead child, assumes leadership of the army of machines and Krotes. Their goal is to destroy the land and its people forever.

A small band consisting of a witch, a fledge miner and a young librarian must reach the city of Kang Kang in order to fulfill the prophecy that the mages will be destroyed by the magic of a child not born. As war makes its way to Kang Kang, the outcome of the final battle brings hope to magic-torn Noreela. (Bantam Spectra, Apr., 416 pp. $12.00)
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes