In this stirring sequel to Into the Wilderness, readers follow the trials and tribulations of Elizabeth and Nathaniel Bonner as they brave new hazards and find a surprising destiny waits on foreign shores.

Headed for Canada to save his father, Hawkeye, from the British government, Nathaniel is captured and accused of being an American spy. To save her husbands life, Elizabeth, along with her children, journey through the cold and treacherous wilderness to Montreal. It will take all of her courage and cleverness to obtain his releasebut then her children are kidnapped, forcing the family apart even more.

Sara Donati writes a story of epic proportions, akin to those wonderful wilderness classics by James Fenimore Cooper, but with the modern twist of a Diana Gabaldon. DAWN ON A DISTANT SHORE weaves history, romance, rich narrative and colorful descriptions into an unforgettable saga and establishes her as a grand storyteller. SENSUAL (Mar., 500 pp., $24.95—Hardcover published March 2000)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin