Image of The Dawn of a Dream (At Home in Beldon Grove, Bk 3)


Image of The Dawn of a Dream (At Home in Beldon Grove, Bk 3)

Shorey has written a marvelous novel that shows even in the 1800s women could be independent and not care what society thought of them. Luellen wanted her dream of someday becoming a teacher to become a reality, nothing could stop her. The third book in the At Home In Beldon Grove series has all the ingredients of a love story readers have come to depend on.

Beldon Grove, Ill., 1857: Luellen O’Connell is speechless when her husband, Brendan, informs her that he is leaving her and going to Chicago to return to his wife and daughter. Then the rug is pulled further out from her when she learns she is pregnant. She decides to go after her teaching degree, but she will need to get creative in hiding and handling her upcoming motherhood. She knows she will have to eventually decide what is more important to her, being a mother or being a teacher, but she also wonders why she cannot have both. Will she finally find happiness at the end of her long road of pursuing her dream? (REVELL, Apr., 352 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans