Successful businesswoman Lillian Harte has come to the realization that what she really wants to do with her life is paint. Even though her family and friends think shes nuts, Lillian decides to close down Private Arrangements, her computer dating company. There is just one small problemher final client refuses to accept a refund in lieu of his last match.

Considering their family history, Lillian should have realized that Gabe Madison would be nothing but trouble. Over the past number of years, Gabe has poured everything into making Madison Commercial into a highly successful endeavor. Dating hasnt been a high priority, so when Gabe decides he needs to find a wife he turns to Private Arrangements. However, he is not satisfied with any of his dates, and he is not about to let Lillian off the hook.

Lillian accuses Gabe of lying on his application, therefore making an accurate match impossible. In defiance she closes up shop and heads back to their hometown of Eclipse Bay, OR. Gabe soon follows, ensuring that the whole town will be watching the newest dust up between the Hartes and Madisons.

Jayne Krentz ability to tell warm, funny and exciting stories makes her one of the most consistently rewarding reads around. DAWN IN ECLIPSE BAY is the second installment in a splendid new trilogy. (May, 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith