Cade O'Neill is a member of an elite group of swordsmen known as maitre d'armes. This infamous group plays by its own rules in a city where anything goes.

When Cade kills her disreputable husband in a duel, Lisette Moisant thinks she is free, but her ruthless father-in-law is intent on making her pay for his son's death. She needs protection and turns to the very man who killed her husband.

Cade had reasons for killing Moisant, and honor was not one of them. But his conscience cannot allow him to let Lisette pay the price. After she's attacked, he brings her home, vowing to keep her safe. But he cannot protect her from the rumors swirling around them that suggest there is more to their relationship then friendship. As scandal brews and Lisette's reputation and life are at stake, Cade realizes someone is behind a sinister plot to destroy them.

Blake evokes the aura of New Orleans to perfection, from the houses on Rampart Street to the fine cuisine. This lush backdrop is perfect for a story as highly romantic and exciting as Blake's. She knows every nuance and brings the city and her characters to life. SENSUAL (Jan., 380 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin