Spence and Maggie MaKenzie have a wonderful marriage filled with passion and abiding love. Then one day on her way to pick up their two daughters, Maggie is involved in a horrific car accident. Spence arrives at the hospital to learn that Maggie is in a coma and doctors are uncertain she will recover. Maggie's sister Jackie immediately steps up and pitches in to help Spence with the girls, Grace and Allison.

Nine long weeks pass and Maggie shows no signs of recovery. Spence and Jackie are devastated when the doctors indicate they don't believe Maggie will ever recover and that they need to look for a long-term facility to care for her. That night, in sadness and loneliness, Spence and Jackie turn to one another.

Both horrified by their actions the next morning, they receive unexpected news of Maggie showing the first signs of recovery. Consequences from that night of indiscretion are going to test the love, trust and relationships of Maggie, Spence and Jackie.

DAY BY DAY examines the relationships of three decent, caring and loving individuals whose lives are thrown into turmoil by tragic events. A very moving and powerful drama. (Jul., 352 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith