Sheriff Brandon Walker has been feel-ing useless since retiring, so when a new opportunity opens for him as an investigator with a nonprofit cold case squad, he's excited.

A Native American woman, Emma, has an intriguing story: Thirty years ago, Emma's mute, pregnant daughter, Roseanne, was found butchered by the side of the road. The case was never solved, but Emma needs to know what happened. Brandon investigates without realizing that someone close to his family is the culprit—and that he's now put them all in danger.

Jance's latest, her third thriller featuring the Walker family, has a rousing plot filled with action, betrayal and murder. Readers know from the start who the killer is, but that doesn't derail the suspense. Jance masterfully pulls together the many storylines, and the subplot, concerning the Indian folklore and traditions, adds a richness to the book. (Aug., 384 pp. $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer