When Celine Winters trades cloaks with a stranger, she hopes to escape from New Orleans and the law. Instead, she is mistaken for Jemma O'Hurley and marries a man she has never seen.

Riddled with guilt over his cousin's death, a drunken Cord weds Miss O'Hurley to satisfy his grandfather's wishes. Although his bride insists she is not Jemma, she quickly agrees to sail to the West Indies with him.

There is a unique quality in Celine that intrigues Cord. When pirates attack their ship, Celine uses her "gift" to free them, and then later on their island plantation, her "sight" plunges them into danger and eventual salvation.

Celine's strength, her belief in all that is good and her powers enable her to see Cord's emotional torment and to fall deeply in love with him. Cord cannot deny his attraction to Celine and his respect for her courage and intelligence. However, love must overcome accusations of murder, a trial and execution before both Celine and Cord can be free of the past.

Not since Jade has Jill Marie Landis delved into romantic suspense with as much verve and skillful storytelling as she has done in DAY DREAMER. The paranormal aspects of the story, the lush backdrop and the mystery all lead readers into a catacomb of passion and danger. If you are seeking a very special, unusual read, then DAY DREAMER will satisfy your craving. SENSUAL (June, 416 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin