For more than a century, Tri-Canada has been cut off from the world and quarantined due to the horrific plagues that once ravaged the population. It's the year 2176 and Tri-Canada—now plague-free—is on the verge of having the force shields around its borders dropped.

Day Daniels is a Canadian Mountie, and when her partner is murdered, she makes solving the case her first priority. Day is suddenly transferred to work with the Health Canada organ-ization and Dr. Lian Firebird. What she learns is chilling: DNA traces of a new form of smallpox were found on her murdered partner's hat.

Lian is a plague hunter whose authority in times of crisis is absolute. And this is a crisis. A number of organizations are fomenting revolution around the world, including the Shadow Voice, advocating the overthrow of the United Earth Colonies, which has become corrupt and repressive. Could this deadly new smallpox virus launch a new war?

The second book in the exciting new 2176 series is a real winner. Novels by Nance are always great, but she outdoes herself with this intense thriller. Lian and Day are complex and multilayered characters who add rich emotional depth to this futuristic action thriller. (Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith