A plantation owner's son attacked Loreli McClintock and got her pregnant. She's desperately alone until the only man she's ever loved commands her to marry him. With no recourse, she does.

Adam Ross will do what he must to save his family's honor-even marry the woman his brother seduced. Crippled from an old wound, he thinks he'll do no better than the not-so-innocent Loreli.

Loreli faces her wifely duties and Adam forgives her misunderstood past. As the baby grows and life improves, the Ross family tragedy returns. One man's greed threatens what is left of Loreli and Adam's long-abiding love, until loyalty triumphs.

This graphic story of a woman's survival from a brutal attack is heart-rending and poignant. Not a light read, this novel allows Ms. Thompson to weave the dark side of a man with the best strength of a woman. She finds forgiveness and unconditional love for an innocent child. A rich tale, this story cajoles the readers along a soul's healing journey. SENSUAL (Aug., 382 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black