The physical and emotional blows just keep on coming for Drake's singular heroine. Through Mira's eyes readers learn of darkness gathering and of growing treachery. But at the heart of this extreme adventure is the evolving relationship between foes. The action
is riveting, the violence intense and
the plot gripping. Score another win
for Drake!

Since learning the truth about her origins and her proposed use as a weapon against the impending return of the evil naturi, fire-starter vampire Mira has maintained her uneasy truce with human vampire hunter Danaus. Summoned to Venice by her old mentor to meet with the ruling vampire coven, Mira suspects she faces betrayal on all sides. Although Mira and the Triad, which now includes Danaus, prevented the naturi Rowe from opening the seal that locks the rest of naturi from earth, he is sure to try again. It quickly becomes apparent that unholy alliances are being made and, ironically, the one person Mira can trust is Danaus. But even he is keeping secrets. (EOS, May, 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith