Image of Daylighters: The Morganville Vampires


Image of Daylighters: The Morganville Vampires

Fans of Caine’s marvelous Morganville Vampires series have been eagerly anticipating the conclusion of Claire Danvers’ story, and happily this epic journey has a truly kick-ass finale! The core four — Claire, Shane, Michael and Eve — face deadly odds as they struggle to save themselves and Morganville. Caine’s masterful story-telling ability has been on full display throughout the series, making it one worth reading and re-reading!

Claire’s brief sojourn to MIT did not go well, but her return to Morganville looks to be an even bigger disaster. As Claire and co. approach Morganville, they are intercepted by the police and separated. It soon becomes apparent that vampire Amelie is no longer in charge; now the town is run by a sinister new group called the Daylighters. Daylighters have put all the vampires in a prison camp (for their own protection), including Michael. While on the surface Morganville seems cleaner and brighter, Claire senses a dangerous undercurrent. Now it is a race against time for Claire, Shane and Eve to find a way to rescue Michael and the other vamps before they meet a permanent end. (NAL, Nov., 368 pp., $17.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith