Image of Days of Gold: A Novel (Edilean)


Image of Days of Gold: A Novel (Edilean)

What a pleasure it is to
see Deveraux return to
the genre she helped
create with a fast-paced, humorous, action-packed, exhilarating historical romance connected to her contemporary, Lavender Morning. Readers get everything they could want from the consummate storyteller: memorable characters, sharp dialogue and a wonderful story. This is entertainment!

Angus McTern holds his small clan together after their land is bought by a Englishman. He intends to be a laird, not a husband or a father, until Edilean Talbot arrives. The petite English rose enchants the McTerns, and even Angus is thrown off guard by her beauty. But her sharp tongue pricks at him, and after an altercation he swears off speaking to her.

Until she needs his help to escape her uncle's marriage plans and reclaim her gold from the erstwhile fiance, who has shipped off to America. With Angus posing as her husband, they board a ship to the colonies and begin a journey to a new world -- where each discovers inner strengths and a passion that defies all odds. (ATRIA, Jan., 384 pp., $25.99) Kathe Robin

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin