Image of Daysider


Image of Daysider

DAYSIDER (4.5) by Susan Krinard: Sent out into the Zone to gather intelligence on an unknown colony set up there, dhampir spy Alexia Fox and her partner, Michael, have orders to bring back intel or die trying. And when she and Michael meet a Daysider on the same mission for the Opir race, they split up and Michael leaves to get backup while Alexia stays with Damon, the Opir that can walk in daylight. But when she and Damon are attacked, and a chemical patch that allows her to eat food is stolen from her arm, Alexia knows she’ll die if she doesn’t drink blood. She and Damon, while dependent on one another, form a bond that could end the war between their races. A complicated and fascinating mythology makes Daysider a fun read. Its fast-paced excitement will keep readers’ attention from beginning to end.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay