Image of Dazzled (A Nikki Easton Mystery)


Image of Dazzled (A Nikki Easton Mystery)

Dazzled is a fascinating mystery with some rousing twists and a surprise ending. Though a good story, it’s a rather depressing, dark mystery. Many interesting, but very few likable characters come to life on the pages. There’s plenty of sex, drugs and, of course, murder.

It’s a triple-digit heat day in late August when Darla disappears. Not hearing from Darla for three days is routine; finding her apartment ransacked proves something is seriously wrong. Yet, when a body is identified as Darla’s, Nikki Easton can’t shake the conviction that it’s not her friend. Detective Jack Adder tries to help her accept that it is and ends up being her house guest when a break-in and search of Nikki’s home is interrupted and Darla’s brother is murdered. (FIVE STAR, Nov., 256 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley