Image of Dead Alert


Image of Dead Alert

Although not as intense as her prior books, in either chills or romance, readers will enjoy this story and be pleased to learn that there have been advancements in zombie-dissolving technology. The threat appears to be neutralized, but members of the team form a new special-ops group. So, even if the world is now safe from zombies, perhaps team members will resurface in future books.

Sam Archer, who was injected with an experimental drug after being mauled by zombies, is now immune to the zombie contagion and has joined the top secret team trying to eradicate the zombies. Sam goes undercover at Praxis Air, a charter airline service suspected of being involved with evil scientists attempting to sell the zombie virus to foreign bidders. But it may just be that the airline is unknowingly transporting lab equipment and scientists. Sam’s mission becomes a little more difficult since he’s fiercely attracted to Emily, who is a pilot and co-owner of Praxis. (BRAVA, Aug., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan