Raye does it again with the second novel in her Vampire Love trilogy. With plenty of humor, adventure and chick-lit elements, this is an engrossing novel. Raye's characters are fun, unusual and intriguing. The unexpected's around each corner, and readers will be at the end of the novel before they know it.

Vampire Countess Lil Marchette, a professional matchmaker for the living and the undead, is breaking even at her business until Viola Hamilton, a beautiful werewolf, walks in with a request for 27 drop-dead-gorgeous men to serve as mates for her sisterhood. Though this deal will make her business profitable and expand her already huge wardrobe, Lil has been falsely accused of murder and must go on the run.

With nowhere to turn, she runs to Ty Bonner, a handsome vampire/bounty hunter and the one man who causes her body to tingle. Together they seek the real killer -- and take a couple of wild, sexy rides along the way. (BALLANTINE, Feb., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Autumn Harrison