Vampires and werewolves are about to meet, and the results are typically hysterical -- and typically Davidson. This is what happens when characters from Davidson's vampire and werewolf series get together. In need of a laugh? Look no further. This fun, sexy and uproarious anthology provides laughs aplenty.

"Santa Claws" explores what happens when lonely werewolf Alec Kilcurt finally scents his mate -- who happens to be a human dressed as Santa Claus.

"Monster Love" has vampire Richard Hill discovering that love can be a bit challenging when it comes to trying to tame his extremely bad-tempered werewolf love, Janet Lupo.

In "There's No Such Thing as a Werewolf," blind werewolf Dr. Drake Dragon discovers, to his surprise, that he can see one unique and feisty young woman, Crescent Muhn.

Finally, Queen Betsy is back in "A Fiend in Need." The mystery of evolving fiend George is about to be unraveled after Antonia Wolfton, the future-seeing werewolf, arrives in Minneapolis.

(Apr., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith