Image of Dead Asleep


Image of Dead Asleep

Freveletti’s a master when it comes to action scenes, but her latest has too many pauses between the thrills. This is the fourth book to feature Emma Caldridge, and sadly, it’s one of the weakest. With no sense of urgency in the storyline or characters the reader cares about besides Emma, it ends up being a disappointment. Read her amazing Covert One novel instead.

A strange sleeping sickness has enveloped the inhabitants of an island in the Caribbean. Erratic behavior followed by a coma are common symptoms. Emma Caldridge needs to use all of her knowledge as a biochemist to save the day. Her assignment was to search for a mysterious mineral that might just reverse the aging process. Now she has to put that on hold so she can find a cure to the possibly voodoo tinged sickness before all hell breaks loose. (HARPER, Nov., 416 pp., $9.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers