A top-notch mystery with the perfect blend of paranormal elements to enhance the plot without seeming improbable. Melanie “Mel” Turner is a strong woman working in a man’s world. She’s a general contractor for her father’s construction business and along with her professional life, she has her hands full with an ex-husband, a teen stepson and a knack for seeing ghosts. Thoroughly entertaining and suspenseful, this mystery will keep readers hooked until the final page.

Mel Turner’s latest restoration involves the historic Victorian Cheshire house which is filled with restless spirits and long-buried secrets. Jim and Katenka Daley are living on the premises with their infant son during the restoration. Katenka is frightened by strange occurrences in the house and enlists Mel’s help. The plot thickens when a neighboring business owner who had complained about the construction noise is killed. Mel is intrigued and starts investigating, but someone is not pleased with her involvement and mishaps occur. A falling toolbox almost hits Mel and her foreman falls off a ladder in the house. It seems the spirits are upset, but when Mel is attacked by a masked man, she realizes someone very human wants to stop her investigation. (OBSIDIAN, Dec., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin