Homicide Detective Savannah Tallfeather never imagined that the crimes she investigated could touch so close to home until the night her father is discovered injured and in a coma and her mother disappears. Unable to fathom what has happened, her head spins when Riley Frazier shows up, introduces himself and tells her the same thing happened with his parents two years before. His father died and his mother has never been found. Together, the two search for a connection and answers. In their quest for the truth, Riley and Savannah discover each other. DEAD CERTAIN (2), an enticing romance by Carla Cassidy sets up two intriguing mysteries that readers can only hope will be solved in the second installment of her Cherokee Corners miniseries. Since neither is resolved here, this is not a stand-alone book. I could have accepted leaving one storyline unfinished to draw readers to the next book, but to conclude neither story, save the romance, makes for unsatisfying reading.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson