Amanda Crosby has had it. She loves business partner Derek England like a brother, but his purchase of a black- market antiquity could ruin their antique shop. But Amanda's anger turns to horror and grief when Derek is found murdered the next day.

Sean Mercer only recently took over as chief of police for the Broeder police department. Initially the prime suspect in England's murder is Amanda. Her last experience with the police was not a happy one. The former chief had refused to take her reports of a stalker seriously—until Archer Lowell physic-ally assaulted her. Lowell is currently in prison, but when ominous phone calls and roses start arriving, it seems like someone is picking up where he left off.

What no one in law enforcement has yet realized is that three deadly inmates have made an unusual pact: Each will kill the people on the others' hate lists. These should be the perfect murders, since there would be no reason to tie each man to the victims. When Vince Giordano crosses off another name from Archer's list, Amanda is now the final target.

Borrowing from the Strangers on a Train scenario, this second book in Stewart's Dead trilogy crackles with danger and suspense. Great characterization and gripping drama make Stewart's books hot tickets. (Jul., 374 pp., 6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith