Fans of Drake's previous vampire
novels will not be disappointed with this fascinating mystery-cum-horror-cum-romance. The suspense builds quickly and intricately, and the scene switches keep the action moving. Some familiar faces make an appearance.

Comedy club owner Grant Peterson and his manager Stephanie were romantically involved until he started having strange dreams a year into their relationship. After he yelled out an unknown woman's name in his sleep, Stephanie called it quits.

Wanting to put their failed relationship behind her, Stephanie relocates to Italy to manage her distant cousin's comedy club. She is surprised to find Grant there at an archeological dig. An avid amateur archeologist, Grant came to this dig not knowing that Stephanie would be near.

When one of Stephanie's employees goes missing and a local girl is found murdered, Grant and Stephanie find themselves thrown together. Strange things are happening, and it seems that an old evil may be rising. Grant and Stephanie's meeting may not have just been a matter of coincidence.

(Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley