The day was off to a great start when Brette Barry found a bloody handprint on the Dead End sign at the end of her road. Certain that her son Eric and his friend Hank are behind it, she goes home to make Eric clean it up. Trouble is, when Eric goes back, the print is gone.

That night Brette discovers that Hank is missing. Hes run away before, so the police arent taking the situation very seriously. This time it seems different. Friends and neighbors join forces to search for the missing boy, including Sam Knight, their new neighbor.

When Hank returns, it would seem the mystery has been solved. Except Hank seems very uncomfortable around Sam and finally reveals who the real victim is.

In a well-crafted tale, Ms. Myers tone depicts the darkness of her subject matter well. In a story where nothing is as it seems, readers will be enthralled.(Mar., 408 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson