Despite talking big while in prison, Archer Lowell has no intention of following through with his part in murder bargain inspired by the movie Strangers on a Train. Archer should be home free, with his fellow conspirators either dead or in prison for life, but Vince Giordano took out a little insurance and hired an old friend to make sure Archer kills the people on Curtis Channing's list.

FBI agents Miranda Cahill and Will Fletcher are stunned when Archer goes missing and the first murder occurs; even the FBI profilers didn't peg Archer as a killer. Now the race is on to try to figure out who else serial killer Channing hated enough to want dead. What Miranda doesn't realize is that she holds the unenviable position as target number three.

Stewart's taut and complex Dead trilogy reaches its climax in the intense and thrilling Dead Even. The large cast of characters and complex plot threads that have been woven throughout each of these books are finally tied up in a dramatic and very satisfying conclusion. (Aug., 373 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith