If you're looking for a light, comic mystery with a touch of romance, DEAD GIRLS DON'T WEAR DIAMONDS fits the bill. This is the second in a series featuring ex-socialite Nora Blackbird and her sisters.

Nora was once part of Philadelphia high society, but since her tax-evading parents fled the U.S., her only access to that glamourous world is through the newspaper column she writes. She's assigned to cover a gala at the home of Oliver Cooper—an awkward affair for Nora, who was involved with Oliver's son, Flan. Awkward turns to scandalous when Nora and Flan's wife, Laura, are seen arguing after Laura discovers Nora and Flan shut in the bathroom together. And scandalous becomes tragic when Laura's body is found in the pool, a concrete garden gnome tied to her ankle.

Was it suicide, as some conclude? Nora doesn't think so. She uncovers a number of people who might be happier with Laura dead. And Nora, of course, must prove she isn't one of them. (Jul., 272 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters