CPA Amanda Hazard and Sheriff Nick Thorn have finally tied the knot and are determined to live a life of nuptial bliss with as few disagreements as possible.

Then Amanda gets a phone call from Harvey Renshaw, her richest and nastiest client. Harvey demands that Amanda immediately get out to his farm to discuss his latest oil well. When she arrives at the farm, however, she discovers his body buried under a ton of hay. She immediately calls for her husband to investigate but when Nick arrives on the scene he declares Harveys death accidental.

Amandaornery as alwaysjust doesnt believe it, and sets out on her own investigation, beginning with Velmas House of Beauty to get an earful of gossip and all the information on Harvey.

She decides to interview Harveys numerous ex-wives, but has her work cut out for her as one girlfriend and one wife are among the missing. To make matters worse, she has mother problems, mother-in-law problems and a new hair disaster from Velmas.

Connie Feddersen, aka Carol Finch, has given us a most delectable treat in DEAD IN THE HAY. Best of all, catching up with Nick and Amanda is like visiting with old, beloved friends. (Oct., 253 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg