Image of Dead Is Just a Rumor


Image of Dead Is Just a Rumor

Perez masterfully weaves suspense through this Dead Is mystery. From lost love to the angst of teen dating, Perez juggles this multifaceted plot with skill. Once again she challenges readers to look beyond the obvious. By the last page readers will be clamoring for the next adventure with Daisy.

Daisy is already busy with school, work, her boyfriend and helping plan her city’s 200th anniversary party when she lands exclusive teaching lessons with a world-renowned chef. And just when Daisy thinks she may be able to get a handle on everything, she finds out that some of the paranormal residents of Nightshade are blackmailed about their true nature. Add her newly returned overprotective dad into the mix and Daisy is in the case, but will she be able survive all this chaos? (Graphia,  Aug., 216 pp., $7.99, Ages 12 and up)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard