Image of Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales


Image of Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales

Singer’s latest courtroom drama is full of twists and turns, second chances and spiritual redemption. The author’s experience as a trial attorney is evident in the details and realism throughout. He allows the reader to have an up-close view into the legal system.

Ex-quarterback Landon Reed is trying to make a new name for himself — aside from the point-shaving scandal for which he was incarcerated. Harry McNaughten decides to take a chance on Landon, hires him at his law firm and adds him to the legal team in a high-profile murder trial. When members of the firm are killed, including Harry, Landon wonders if he will be next. Is the firm cursed? Is it related to Landon’s current case, or is a long-held vendetta at the root of it all? (TYNDALE, May, 400 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee