Book two of the Dante Valentine series contains equal parts dark drama, psychological suspense and magical action. Few characters combine gut-wrenching power and street smarts better than Saintcrow's heroine, but she's also struggling with guilt and grief.
A rising star, Saintcrow has a gritty, hard-edged style that sets up this alternate reality in the near future perfectly. Book three, The Devil's Right Hand, can't be released soon enough!

Dante Valentine used to just be one of the best necromancers in the business, but after her demon lover Japhrimel's DNA-based transformation of her, she's now something more. When Japhrimel is killed by Lucifer, the brokenhearted Dante is left in the dark as to her new nature. At times she can almost hear Japhrimel's voice, which haunts her.

Adding to her misery is a new case that brings back horrors from her childhood at the malevolent Rigger Hall. Someone or something is killing former students, and stopping it will put Dante and those she cares about right in the line of fire. (WARNER, Sep., 387 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith