Drake returns with the edgy second entry in her Asylum Tales. The lives of magical tattoo artist Gage Powell and his friends hang in the balance as he looks for a way out of the deadly snare his powers have forced on him. In Drake’s world, horrific and awesome power is capriciously wielded by witches and warlocks living in hidden Towers.

Having survived his final showdown with his former mentor, warlock-in-hiding Gage is still coping with the fallout. As a result, Gage is forced into working for dark elf Reave in his criminal empire — but there are things Gage will not do. Gage isn’t the only one with problems: His elf girlfriend, Trixie, has been hiding from the Summer Court, but the king and queen are in town and time has run out. When, out of fear, the Towers annihilate the city of Indianapolis, Gage is forced to make some very difficult choices. (HARPER VOYAGER, May, 384 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith