Image of Dead to Me


Image of Dead to Me

Steeped in the flavor of the traditional British crime drama, this captivating novel maintains a high level of interest throughout. Regardless of personal strengths, each of the main protagonists deals with personal issues, whether internal or forced upon them by others. Although there are clues aplenty, it’s not until the end that the true culprit is revealed.

When DCI Gill Murray assigns a new partner to Janet Scott of the Murder Investigation Team, she rebels, believing Rachel Bailey to be brash, impetuous and too ambitious for her own good. The team is soon caught up in the murder investigation of a teenage girl who was violently stabbed to death in sordid surroundings. Their search takes them beyond the girl’s North Manchester flat and into her past and leads them to several suspects. Rachel’s lone-wolf approach jeopardizes her place on the team and Janet makes a mistake that could alter her life, while Gill forces them to continue their quest for the perpetrator and develop the teamwork necessary to solve the case. (MINOTAUR, Jan., 400 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown