The talented Connie Feddersen brings us her latest sprightly Amanda Hazard mystery, DEAD IN THE MELON PATCH (4.5).

CPA Amanda Hazard is going to do some work for Lula MacAdo and sets out for the MacAdo farm to get started. When she arrives she doesnt find Lula but discovers, instead, the corpse of the very round heeled Sheila MacAdo. Although it looks like Sheila fell from a ladder accidentally, Amanda can tell from the look of things that its just plain murder. Amanda knows that she has two major problems on her hands. She not only has to uncover a clever killer, but she must convince her extremely mule-headed lover, Sheriff Nick Thorn, that it is indeed a case of murder.

DEAD IN THE MELON PATCH is a delightfully witty mystery, a sure-fire treat for the many fans of Ms. Feddersen. The author has outdone herself on plotting and she shows a sure and steady hand at producing a winning combination of humor, romance and mystery. The usual shenanigans of the citizens of Vamoose highlight this story (just wait till you find out what Velma does to Amanda) and readers will feel as if theyve just spent a few hours with old friends. As a bonus, the authors husband painted the cover for this book, and the cover corpse is the author herself!

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg