Still reeling from the suicide of her brother Joey, PI Sharon McCone agrees to take a case that hits close to home. Her friend Glenn Solomon asks her to investigate the wrongful death of Roger Nagasawa, who had recently gone to work for Insite, an online publication owned by eccentric Max Engstrom, a cruel man prone to pulling stunts on his employees. In addition, 16-hour workdays are normal at Insite.

Roger had given his best to Insite, although he complained about the hours and Engstrom's cruelty. It finally proved too much for the young man, who committed suicide. Solomon wants McCone to gather evidence to pursue a wrongful death suit.

Sharon hopes the case will lay her own demons to rest. As she investigates, she finds that the case is not clear-cut at all—and before it is over, a friend of hers will die because of it.

Marcia Muller, one of the dominant forces in PI fiction, spins an involving story with characters we care about in DEAD MIDNIGHT. Sharon McCone is a marvelous heroine, someone you'd want on your side! (Jun., 304 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg