Image of Dead by Midnight: A Death on Demand Mystery


Image of Dead by Midnight: A Death on Demand Mystery

Max and Annie Darling, the classy and industrious crime-solving duo of Broward’s Rock, S.C., are back. Expertly written, this mystery has all the right elements to snag readers. The suspects are presented with the necessary background information to draw readers into the drama of their lives, while the clues keep readers guessing until the very end. Hart’s latest is first-rate entertainment for mystery lovers.

Annie’s new bookstore employee, displaced law office receptionist Pat Merridew, is still seething about her firing and blames her boss, Glen Jamison. When Pat misses work, Annie is fuming until Pat is found dead. The authorities are calling it suicide, but when Annie discovers Pat was taking late-night walks to the Jamison property, something smells foul. What did Pat see at the Jamison house that provoked someone to silence her? When Glen Jamison is killed at his home, Annie must uncover the link between the two crimes, and learn who on their small island is a cold-blooded killer. (MORROW, Apr., 288 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin