Largo has written a wonderful story. This installment in the American Heroes Collection: South Dakota has everything a reader could want. There are great characters. A compelling plot keeps the story moving. And the really hot sex doesn’t hurt either!

Sarah Aston is driving from Seattle to Miami to start a new life but her car has other ideas. It breaks down on a deserted stretch of road. When South Dakota Highway Patrol Captain Plato Delaney comes to her rescue, he takes Sarah back to his home and asks his lover, a retired trooper named John Reilly, to watch over her. The threesome discover that a local serial killer has not only struck again, the madman knows that Sarah has seen him — he has left her car covered in the victim’s blood! Sarah has some psychic inclinations, something that John believes in but Del does not. However, their disagreements do not keep love from growing between the three. Yet with Sarah’s life in jeopardy, will these two handsome heroes — and a friendly ghost — be able to keep this young woman out of harm’s way? (SIREN, September 2010, 176 pp., $15.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager