Image of Dead By Morning


Image of Dead By Morning

Barton has created one of the most compelling and creepy villains in a long time and leads readers through a maze of twisted suspense. While some answers are provided at the end, there is an unabashed hook that will force readers to read the next in this trilogy. For fans of the author, that won’t be an issue.

Maleah Purdue has put her past behind her and is focused on her career as a Powell Security agent. Her confidence is shattered when a murderer targets her co-workers. To find a madman, Maleah confronts a serial killer already behind bars — believing he’s the key to the new murders. Fellow agent Derek Lawrence can’t stand that Maleah is exposing herself to the killer’s madness, but he’s impressed. As Derek and Maleah grow closer, he may be the only one who can connect the dots and save more people — including Maleah — from dying. (ZEBRA, May, 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton