Image of Dead Is the New Black


Image of Dead Is the New Black

Whether Daisy is spending time with her new boyfriend, hanging out with her sisters, or exploring the paranormal side of her town, her unique attitude makes her a treat to spend time with. Perez has done an especially good job of illustrating the tricky on-again, off-again friendships of teens in this paranormal mystery.

High school junior Daisy is the only “norm” in a family of paranormally talented women. Her psychic mom frequently aids police investigators and when the call comes about the missing body of a dead teenager, Daisy isn’t going to sit on the sidelines just because she doesn’t have special powers of her own. Suddenly cheerleaders at Daisy’s school are dropping like flies. When the head cheerleader (and Daisy’s ex-best friend) Samantha “the Divine” Deveraux starts to dress like a vampire, Daisy has no choice but to infiltrate the team to get to the bottom of the case! (Harcourt Inc, Sept., 190 pp., $7.95, Ages 12 and up)

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Kate Girard